05 March 2013

Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult emotion to capture in a short few words or define. Sometimes it is rational and other times irrational. Sometimes we feel it and sometimes we don’t. It’s not always possible to shake it off like a bad feeling. It was a way of seating itself far down in your mind and making it difficult to get rid of. We all feel it at, and we all deal with it one way or another—at times effectively at other times it just eats us up. One of the main reasons that I become anxious is because I get to focused—myopic—towards life for a while. For instance, say I have a large project coming up and it will  make a difference in my future in some way. Naturally, I begin to worry about, think about the ways that I can fail and ways that it will hurt me if I do. I’ve learned that at such times, I need to set down the burden in my mind and take a step back for a moment or two. Think about it in a week, a month, a year, will it really make that big of a difference? The odds are, no. For those really really big and important things that can make a difference a year later, do the same thing, but think about your ability to recover from a set-back. If you have ever failed in the past, think about that. Did it really ruin your life. You are still going right, so you can recover. Last, I let it sink in that anxiety does not boost or enhance my ability be successful. In fact, stress is extremely bad for you, increases weight gain, blood pressure, and induces hormones that are bad for you at high levels.
It won’t go away, but taking a step back and thinking about anxiety rather than being caught up in it is one way that will at least help you deal with it. It works for me most days. 


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