13 March 2013

Android and Chrome to Become One

I've noticed something that I'd just about bet on. Google is going to merge android and Chrome OS into one this year. There are too many indicators for it not to be true. The chrome android statute is nearly enough of a giveaway itself .Then there is the Chromebook Pixel, which is not at all like any other Chromebook that preceded it, and the in the Play store, it says "For what's next" in other words, why have a high resolution touch-screen to do normal browsing thing that does not need a touch-screen. The answer is it is for what's next, and that being the ability to run android apps on the Chromebook. The final piece of information that makes this a certainty, is the fact that the man who was in charge of Chrome browser and OS is now going to be leading android. It seems like they are even unifying the management system to support the merger between android and chrome OS. Are you excited about it? I know I am. I may even end up getting a chromebook now!


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